Starting Over

If you’ve been around for awhile you already know…  My blog has seemingly been “under construction” and in the midst of being redone for months.  Ok, reality?  It’s been two years.  Let me give a partial and very incomplete picture of the last two years.

Two years ago, I made the decision to go from Blogger to self-hosted WordPress.  I paid some {a lot of } money to a design/blog coach guy that promised to help, tried my best to portray my vision and goals for my blog through a couple skype sessions and lots of questionnaires and so many emails.  At the time, we also PCS’d {our first} across the country with a toddler who had a mysterious illness going on while also being less than 2 months into reintegration following a 10 month deployment.  We spent an entire month on the road {in a PT cruiser towing a uhaul cross country} making a stop to visit one of my very best friends, my parents, and of course, Disneyland – because how can you move to California and drive right past the best part of this state?  I couldn’t!

Disneyland, February 2012

Disneyland, February 2012

So there was chaos… and the blog slipped past this guy for whatever reason he gave {that I don’t remember and don’t care to rehash}.  His vision for his career focus changed and while I think he tried to make me feel like I got my monies worth, the bottom line is that I didn’t.  But it didn’t matter.  I was left hanging, migrated the blog with the help of a friend and started rebuilding.  And then MY life got busy and quite honestly took over. Our PCS was a nightmare with thousands of dollars of missing/damaged items. We spent months dealing with the horrible move and trying to get some of our repayment to replace things.  I still had a very sick little girl and had to put everything aside as I became an advocate for my child’s health in a place where we felt like we were barely surviving because the cost of living difference between the midwest and California is a LOT. Oh, and the 2 hour roundtrip commute to the doctor was a bit time sucking too.  Then, I got pregnant again.  Due to medical complications we made the somewhat unpopular decision to not tell most of the world, including most family, about our pregnancy.  It was a long road, hard at times, but we were rewarded with a beautiful, healthy baby boy on April 1, 2013!

Our adorable kiddos. Photo Credit:  Christina Hamre Photography

Our adorable kiddos. Photo Credit: Christina Hamre Photography

The birth of my son was obviously amazing and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat, but we learned soon after his birth that there had been a medical mistake made during my csection and it was seriously affecting my health.  My husband took as much leave as possible, my parents flew out from Arizona to help and slowly, I started to at least be able to function.  It was slow, and painful and honestly 11 months later, I am still dealing with this medical mistake on a daily basis.  And then, just when things were starting to calm down {if you can call it calm?} for us a little…  an incident occurred in our military world that pretty much pulled the rug out from underneath our feet.  It shattered not only our hearts, but shook our security and confidence and brought the realities of this war, we’ve been engaged in for so long, home in a brutally harsh way.

Have you ever seen the movie “A Little Princess”?   This scene is the best description I can give of how life felt in those moments/weeks/months…

On the heels of this tragic incident, we discovered that my son was dealing with some potentially serious medical issues of his own. I will always be thankful that God was in ultimate control and my husband’s departure for his 3rd deployment ended up being delayed.  We grew, as a family and as a couple and in our individual walks with God, so much in this time.  It was a huge blessing…

Our 3rd deployment was a mess, and the law of murphy coming for an extended visit when the husband is away definitely held true!  The full story probably deserves its very own post to fully appreciate the hilarity of the constant stream of things that happened.  Deployment #3 ended abruptly when my husband had emergency surgery while still in Afghanistan and was then air lifted to another location, stuck there in a sea of confusion {with no money because his debit card was expired!} until he was finally med-evac’d to a base hospital 2 hours away from us.  He arrived the day following the kids and I being rear ended in a car accident in a car we hadn’t even made our first payment on, but you bet I was there to welcome him home, complete with what turned out to be 3 broken ribs and pretty severe whiplash. Ces’t la vie!

Now, we’re preparing for deployment #4 to start shortly and trying to pack in as much family time as possible into the weeks we have left together, as well as squeezing in time for house projects, and time to “date” each other and keep our romance alive!

So there’s a glimpse into the last 2 years.  It’s full of messy chaos, but it’s our life.  I’m starting over with this blog…  I have finally recovered most of the archives but I’ve decided to just let them live in the database for awhile.  I have no idea what this does to my stats, or SEO or any of that other behind the scenes important blog stuff but I’ll figure it out as I go along.

I have a vision and goals for sharing our story and this is my place to do that.  I can’t promise it will always be perfect – but it will be a view into our real life –  messy chaos included, as well as full of our love for each other and for life as we see where the adventures God has for us take us.  I hope you’ll stick around and get to know us, and let us get to know you!

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  1. Yay!!

  2. ashley mervau says:

    Im excited to follow along your story Catherine and so glad to have met you in pl!!

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